/News: Axiom Verge 2 revealed for Nintendo Switch, out 2020

News: Axiom Verge 2 revealed for Nintendo Switch, out 2020

2D Metroidvania adventure Axiom Verge is getting a sequel in next year’s Axiom Verge 2, developer Thomas Happ has announced.

Appearing at the end of last night’s Nintendo Indie World broadcast, the sequel will feature new characters, new abilties, new enemies -all of which will be hackable – and take place on a whole new world that won’t require knowledge of the previous game to enjoy.

The game will once again allow for non-linear exploration of the map, you’ll be able to launch a remote drone with its own abilities and behaviours, and will also include a speedrun mode with a ‘streamlined interface and additional features’ for speedrunners. 

So far only the Nintendo Switch has been announced as a platform for the sequel, with other formats ‘TBD’ – and it’s hoping to release by ‘Fall 2020’. We really enjoyed the original game – scoring it a 9 and calling it a ‘modern retro classic’ back in 2015.

source: https://www.videogamer.com/news/axiom-verge-2-revealed-for-nintendo-switch-out-2020